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Thu 25 Aug 2016

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Recently I attended a wonderful event on Mindset, Wealth, Business and Leadership presented by the fabulous Dr John Demartini (one of the leaders featured in The Secret).

He spoke about how you can change your life. There were so many ‘gold nuggets’ that I wrote down in my 18 pages of notes! Yes I am a public speaker, and I still learn from those “who are where I want to be”.

Here are just a few snippets of Dr John’s wisdom:
– If you’re not making enough money to give back, you are actually being selfish;
– You need a Mentor, a Coach and a Peer Group;
– Knowledge + Action = Success;
– If we don’t empower ourselves, we will be disempowered or overpowered by others;
– Develop a feedback system: Ask yourself “How is whatever I am experiencing today, helping me fulfil my mission on planet Earth today?”
– Things are ON the way, not IN the way;
– You can be a victim of history or a master of destiny;
– Every decision you make is based on your values;
– We have intrinsic values (which are our highest priority) and extrinsic values (our lowest priority and need motivation);
– Finding your highest value is the most amazing reward;
– Compare your daily actions to your dreams;
– Live within your own values, honour yourself;
– Don’t live in other people’s brands and stop comparing yourself to others;
– Delegate everything except what is your highest value;
– Don’t be a symptom of mediocrity;
– Don’t let pain/pleasure interfere with the pursuit of purpose;
– Express don’t suppress;
– Get crystal clear on your vision.

Your speaking is a Business and you need to keep up to date and consistently learn. Hence that is why I saw Dr John Demartini in person. Consistent learning will reward you immensely. Feel free to contact me.

Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages….and in the bookstores and online!

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