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Wed 1 Sep 2021

Live a Life of Passion and Purpose

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"Everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life...EVERYONE. But you must remember that their opinion is clouded by their personal experience. You know yourself best, success is within you, tap into your experience and knowledge, it's all there!" says Kassandra Behrendt, our guest speaker.

Janelle Bostock CEO of Women’s Network Australia, did it again. WNA’s August meet held on Thursday 26th at Paddington Tavern, was another epic event. Janelle’s icebreakers are ever so iconic, delivering a creative approach every time to start the WNA events. So powerful and carefully crafted, she weaved a cheeky conversation starter for each table. We witnessed women sharing, connecting and making meaning from each other’s experiences.

We welcomed Kassandra Behrendt, the CEO and Creative Director of Pagoni as our guest speaker for the morning’s event. As her Facebook profile says: A lot of fun, a tad exuberant, passionate and outrageously enthusiastic… about everything. We got all of that and a whole lot more.

She snapped, crackled and popped the audience with her vivacious playfulness in a sea of feathery boldness. But on a serious note, Kassandra delivered a message right to the hearts of every woman in the room.

She twirled and tangoed in her tulle, engaging the audience in her commanding presence. You could feel the energy lift in the room, as Kassandra took us on a journey of truth, power, passion and presence. Her message was loud and clear. She cast her Pagoni spell that swept across the room, with every woman leaving the event empowered to embrace their own god given gifts to live out their passions, dreams and vision FEARLESSLY.

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