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Wed 21 Jun 2017

Make Your Book Your Single Most Powerful Marketing Tool

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Authors have a passion, a message they want to take to the people. Sometimes even a legacy they want preserved.

The great thing is, anybody can publish a book – you are no longer reliant on the grace of Publishing Houses to accept your work.

The sad thing is, many authors miss the valuable point of writing for the reader rather than themselves.

You can make your book your single most powerful marketing by simply following these three steps:

1.  Find a Hook for your Book that engages your reader immediately. A hook is an angle, an interest capturing point that your reader wants to know more about. Think about media headlines. What sort of headlines capture your attention? Often the headline creates surprise without giving away details of what the story is about. That’s how you want to create your hook.

2. Before you start writing, consider what you want to achieve with your book. When making it your single most powerful marketing tool, you want to be clear on what purpose your book is to achieve. Do you want the reader to join your list? Do you have a product or package you want your reader to purchase? Be clear on what you want the book to do. Your marketing purpose will determine how you have to write the book.

3. Sadly, some well known personalities still promote you take time to write your book. When you want your book to be a powerful marketing tool, you want to write it fast. Just like any product or service you are adding to your business, you want the book as a tool in the hands of your prospects sooner rather than later. How is that possible? Easy, simply consider re-purposing material you have already created. This also allows you to not only put your book together but you can create new digital products as you build your book.

And here, how powerful a book can be as your marketing tool:

Andy, a dog trainer, wrote his book about how to train security dogs. He published it globally. The book leads the reader to videos, blog posts and articles Andy has created. He promotes his book when at speaking engagements which are easy for him to get with a book. The Kingdom of Bahrain was searching for a dog trainer and found Andy’s book. Following the links and checking out what Andy’s videos and articles on the subject of dog training showed his expertise, so they hired him for $350,000!

Make your book the most powerful marketing tool!

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