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Wed 4 Apr 2018

Marketing Social – 3 Tips to Keep You Visible!

Business By Social

If Marketing in Social Media is one of your ways of promoting your Business – Beware of the Pitfalls!

Social Networks are around since 1997 and started for just that: Socializing

When it was recognized just how many people spent how much time on Social Media Platforms, it naturally progressed to becoming a way for Businesses to promote their offers

Once Google had collected enough detailed data of users, paid services started and the Social Networks are offering that service now, too.

Particularly Facebook, as it attracts such a large amount of users globally, is a highly sought after Marketing Platform.

If you are spending on Advertising on Facebook to Market your Business, all is well, keep at it, as long as it works for you and returns on your investment

STOP if you’re paying for advertising and it’s not working – it’ won’t magically work one day all by itself!

If you rely on Facebook Business Pages to promote your Business, be aware of these changes, announced in Jan 2018:

Mark Zuckerberg announced overhauling news feed in favour of “meaningful social interactions”.

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands and media.”

In other words, the new plans imply less visibility for businesses and their business page posts!

Three Things you can do about this:

  1. Use your personal Profile for Business posts or start a second, personal Profile for your Business.  This works well if you are the Business and your clients already know, like and trust you. There are many ways to make this successful
  1. Migrate your Business Page “LIKES” to a Group for your Business and keep posting there.  Groups are a great way to get your posts seen and help you actively engage with your users
  1. Do what this is intended for you to do: Spend on Advertising in Facebook!!  It is one part of your Marketing, to spend on Advertising. You do need to know how this works though. Facebook offers a vast array of ‘how to’ courses now, and they are free

What’s the best way forward for you?

  • Spend the time (and money) to create a Social Media Strategy and integrate Social Networks other than Facebook into your Marketing
  • Set up an Advertising Budget and start advertising on Facebook, engaging someone who really knows how to get you results, meaning business, not just likes or engagement on your page. You want money for money returned with Advertising
  • Look at your entire Business Marketing Strategy and maybe there is a new, better Strategy to decide on. If you do not have a Marketing Strategy, get one now

You have no control over Social Networks and will always be at the mercy of their changes. Take charge of your Marketing and look beyond Social Media to Marketing that supports your Business Growth

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