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Fri 8 Jan 2021

Mindshift For Success: Attitude

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"Attitude is the reflection of a person and the world mirrors our attitude“ — Earl Nightingale

There is a reason that Earl Nightingale claimed that attitude really is the magic word.

The key to your success in everything, she believes, is wrapped up in this word package. 

Your attitude towards yourself and towards others; your attitude towards business; your attitude towards success and money, and your relationships; she believes is the major part of your success.  

But what really is an attitude?  On Googling attitude you can find a definition like this.  

“A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behaviour.” Earl Nightingale described the attitude “as a composite of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions”. 

Importantly, understanding attitude can change your results faster and more dramatically than anything else.  

Really think about where your attitude is set right now! While you have one thing in your mind, you may have another thing happening physically and the results you desire won’t show up for you.

When you express yourself, you can be coming from the past, the present or the future. You need to train your attitude to be focusing on the future, that is, where you want to be.  

You have 3 parts of your personality – your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Your attitude is a composition of these things. What is critical is that you understand the attitude. To change and improve your attitude you really have to explore and understand these three dimensions – thoughts, feelings and actions.  

You can do this for all areas in your life, but letstart with attitudes specifically around money. If you are in business you want to be increasing the bottom line – your profit. Become aware of where you are right now! Part of the problem may be being limited in beliefs and attitude. 

What is your attitude towards money like? Give yourself a rating out of 10. Then take each part of your attitude and brainstorm all of what makes up the whole. 

  • What are your thoughts around money? 
  • What are your feelings around money? 
  • What are your actions around money? 

It is really important to get it all down on paper because this causes thinking. At the top of the page write Situation. Divide an A4 page into three and write the headings thoughts, feelings and actions. And as you are doing this you may find thoughts in your mind that you weren’t even aware of.  These are hidden in the subconscious part of your mind. This will allow you to grow your awareness around your money attitude. Reflect and revise your answers.  

The next part is where the mindshiftwill occur. Write out where you want to be on the other side of the A4 page. Give it a heading Solution. Then write down the money that you want to be earning in your business. 

  • What thoughts do you need to be having to achieve this? 
  • What feelings do you need to be having to achieve this? 
  • What actions do you need to be taking to achieve this? 

This will cause the biggest mindshift in attitude and allow you to become aware of the changes that you need to make to become more profitable in business. 

Your attitude is a choice. Until now you have probably not even been aware of many of your thoughts, feelings and actions that have been programmed into your subconscious mind, particularly in regards to your paradigm around money.  

Remember some of your current attitude is the composite of another person’s set of beliefs and habits that have been passed on to you.

Many successful people have had a healthy attitude and belief system around money and that’s why they are successful with their business. Others have made decisions to change their existing paradigm and on many occasions were unaware that they had done this. You are now going to be aware of what you need to change and realise that you can continue to do this. Attitude really is the magic word. 

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