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Tue 29 Jan 2019

Mindshift for your success : The Key is Action

Business Planning & Strategies
Working with business and leadership teams over the past year has really highlighted to me a common missing link – whether it's a once person operation or a team of 300. I see that the missing link is taking action.

You can have the best strategic plans, business plans, the right people, the personal and professional development and goals in place but unless people take action then the results won’t change.

Would you agree with me that you know you could be doing better than you are doing?  You know that you or your people can do more. You invest time and money into developing yourself and your people with training courses hoping that will improve things. There is short lived inspiration, motivation and lots of knowledge, and things may improve for a short period of time and then go back to the way it was.  There is a gap – the knowing doing gap.

Why do you think that is?  Well it comes down to conditioning, beliefs and habits –paradigms.   When you or your staff leave the workplace there are all kinds of things going on that you may or not be aware of– they have self image problems, health problems, relationship problems limiting beliefs about their potential and capability. This is all happening under the surface and impacts how effective you/they are in the business.  This can result in some people being highly productive; some people “very busy” and not achieving anything; others can be just ineffective.

There is a big difference between what we know and what we do, the difference is caused by our paradigm. You cannot outperform these paradigms.  This conditioning is habitual and is located in the subconscious part of the mind, controlling the behavior of each individual. Most training focus on changing the behavior , but you have to go to the root cause which is the paradigms.  The thoughts, beliefs and habits preceding the action.  The gap is caused by the excuses we give ourselves, your conditioning, by what you believe about yourself. (paradigm)

I want you to imagine a hot air balloon – you’ve organised one of those fun activities for your staff or you’ve given yourself a treat if you are in business on your own.



You are standing in the basket of the hot air balloon.  The staff/yourself climb in and you want to take off.  You cut the ropes and off you go and the balloon rises. On the side of the basket is a bunch of sandbags. Each of those sandbags represents the paradigms of each individual person which is holding back the team , the business, the workplace.   The sandbags combined hold either you or the team back.  Imagine if you start dropping the sand bags how fast the balloon would take off and how high it would go. What do you think would happen to the results in your business, your team?


Imagine if people started doing what they already know how to do. Imagine if people had the confidence to be more productive and effective.  To speak up regardless of what others thought, to express their ideas, to feel valued,  Imagine if everybody in your team bought into your vision, the goals of the business and really believed it could happen.  Imagine if you did the same and you closed the knowing doing gap. As a paradigm is changed, the behaviour changes and the results change.


“It is the start that stops most people. Don Shula  Taking action and being accountable to these actions will transform your results.


What are 5 simple actions today that you could take on things that you know you or your team have been avoiding doing?

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