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Sun 21 Aug 2016

More Ideas Is Not The Solution

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What if you already have what you need?  That secret to success has already appeared, but you missed it?

The ironic thing about overwhelm from too much information, too many good ideas, is that it can result in the opposite – no ideas and feeling stuck.  So when you or your business is feeling sluggish or stuck, more ideas are not needed, just more action on the ideas you’ve already been exposed to.

Not sure where to start? 

It can be the simplest ideas that have the most impact.  For example, I’ve known, and shared, for simply ages about the psychology of ‘dressing for work’ for home-based business owners, and how powerful  it is for motivation, confidence and a general business mindset.  For years I’ve encouraged my clients to implement it.

However, it’s only since I’ve been using the Zoom video platform for client meetings I’ve been forced to do that myself, initially just for those meetings. I noticed how different I felt, so decided that one good idea was worth implementing daily. The good idea moved from ‘theory’ and ‘I know that’ into my physical reality. I felt the idea’s benefits.   

For you it might be tidying your desk and planning your next day at the end of your working day is your best good idea to implement first.  Or weekly filing? Batching your tasks? (e.g. doing all your phone calls together, your emails at specific times, pre-scheduling social media posts etc.)

These small ideas lay a strong foundation for your working day. Each working day is the foundation of your business success.  Implement, one at a time. As one becomes part of your daily routine, choose another.   Now have a look at your mega ‘To Do List’ – it’s full of good ideas you ‘must’ and ‘should’ do.  Cross off those which are only there because someone else thinks they are important, and they really don’t resonate with you.  Out of the remainder, choose one, just one, you’d enjoy the results of.  Note, you might not enjoy the process initially, but the results will make it worth your time and effort.

Aim for progress rather than perfection, as the latter will stall your progress and increase your stress levels.  Accept that progress from doing your very best is good enough. Be wise enough to ask for help and delegate as necessary. Acknowledge and reward your progress, so you’re encouraged to continue stretching yourself. The positive psychological impact of acknowledged progress is a strong driver to continue.

Measure the impact of implementing that good idea. Learn from your implementation. What did you do well? What will you do even better next time?  Once it’s established, choose another good idea to implement.  Think of it as building a wall. You need each brick to be securely in place before adding another. And of course, you can’t add a higher brick before a lower. Foundations must come before decorative and optional extras.

So, yes to lifelong learning, as long as it’s accompanied by lifelong doing, otherwise you’ll literally waste years of time and income.  How many shelves and notebooks full of good ideas do you have already?  I stuck a note on my laptop, “Where do I already have this information?” to remind myself to utilize my existing resources before buying more.

Remember, one good idea implemented, no matter how small, is of far greater value than magnificent ideas unrealized.  

Which will you choose now?

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