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Mon 12 Oct 2020

Not Enough Time or Is It Not Enough Self-Worth?

Health & Wellbeing
Just think about it, if you feel you don’t have enough time, is it actually a self-worth issue?






Are you: 

  • Valuing everyone else’s needs over yours? Never saying “No”, never filling your emotional and physical well? 
  • Struggling with boundary setting and maintenance – being a doormat? 
  • Taking on huge or numerous tasks to prove you are good enough? 
  • Not taking the time to care for your health? 
  • Not truly believing you are deserving of wealth, success, happiness, so not taking the right actions, or protecting yourself through procrastination? 
  • Constantly concerned about what others may think of you, using up valuable head-space? 

Pay particular attention to any points above, you had a strong reaction to – there’s a message there for you.  

So now you are aware, you can decide to do and think differently, so you do free up more time for what is truly important to you and your progress. 

If you need guidance and support to do this more easily and quickly, please ask for expert help. Life is too short not to. 

Remember, it is your life, your choice. 

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