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Thu 7 Apr 2016

Not Everyone Is The Same – Become The Brilliant You

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Recently I attended a Leadership Academy in Sydney where presenter Fiona Craig, who spoke about “Brilliant You”.

Here are some points I noted from her presentation that I wanted to share with you:

Everyone is NOT the same: we are all different
· 1 billion users on Facebook
· 400,000 on LinkedIn
· 100,000,000 on Instagram
· 3,000,000 unique posts on LinkedIn
· Need to stand out when everyone else is selling something
· Every single one of us is BRILLIANT
· Be consistent with your brand
· Have a strong presence/visibility
· Brilliant you – talk from the heart.
People judge 2 things:
1. Can I trust you?
2. Do I respect you?
· You always need to show up
· Take control of the situation
· What is your energy? Positive or negative?
· Take ownership of who you are and how you feel
· Have a rock solid sense of self-worth
· Get really clear on core strengths
· Use your Networks
4 Types of connections
1. Existing connections
2. Old connections
3. Re connections
4. New connections
You are selling YOU!
· First impressions count
· Empower yourself
· Create a cheer squad

Fiona Craig was a fabulous and inspiring presenter and I learnt heaps. I hope some of her tips also empower you to become an awesome speaker.

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