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Thu 12 Sep 2019

Online Marketing Channels for a Cash for Car Business

Digital Technology
Online presence is critical for any business that intends to garner a large following of clients. Whether you are fresh or established in the old car buying business, there are a few things that you need to incorporate into your online routine for clients to acknowledge your presence. Take a look at the top ideas you can use to do this.


SEO Optimization

A majority of the online community search for the main keywords when looking for products or services. So, when you are advertising your cash for car business, use a few keywords that your potential clients are likely to look for. Ensure that you have a reliable SEO team and do not overdo SEO optimization though as that will make it look like spam.

Local SEO

General SEO optimization helps you get clients from all over the globe. When looking for local customers, however, you may have to incorporate local terms such as the name of the business or your location. If your car and scrap metal business is based in Brisbane for example, you could use terms such as, ‘Sell Car for Scrap in Brisbane.’ This way, the search engine will detect the client’s IP address then show them the results of businesses in Australia. Listing your business online, linking the building, and providing reviews of your services will also help you in local SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Considering that a vast majority of internet users spend a considerably high amount of time on social media sites, it is essential for you to market your free car removal service on these platforms. Use regular text posts, images, viral videos, as well as memes to market your business. It is better to use visuals as opposed to texts when urging your potential clients to sell scrap cars for cash. Remember to make your post short and engaging.

Google Ads

Google is one of the most used search engines on the internet. As such, you are bound to reach a great crowd of potential clients if you optimize Google ads. Once you pay the advertisement fees, your ad will appear on select websites and Google. The search engine will suggest your page to individuals who search for cash for cars or similar services within your location.

Website Blogging

Your site aims at promoting your services to potential and repeat clients. However, this can become boring, especially when they visit the page only to find the same information as the last time they came to your site. Try writing articles on the website’s blog on how people can contact you, the kinds of services you offer, and even provide tips on how to go about selling an old car for cash. This way, you make your website relevant, which in turn gives it a higher ranking in scrap cars for cash businesses.


You cannot ignore online marketing since many internet users rely on this form of advertising to get the services they want. If your budget allows it, you can use as many of these digital marketing strategies as you want. If this is not the case, however, pick what you can do for free or that which your bank account can handle. Remember not to overdo any online marketing strategy, and best of all, create an online forum which enables your clients to give reviews of your services.

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