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Wed 24 Jan 2018

Overcoming Writer’s Block

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As a public speaker, you will usually initially start by writing your speech or presentation about a certain topic – whether chosen by you, your client or your audience.

Many people experience ‘writer’s block’. Fortunately for me, I rarely, if ever, suffer from this! I can easily create content in the written form, whether that be an article, a speech, a PowerPoint presentation or a media release etc. Of course, I find it much easier if I have a base to start with, so if you are stuck, the internet can be a good starting point for inspiration for your content. Do be mindful of plagiarism and copyright though!

Another tip is to actually just start! Whether that be by putting pen to paper, or typing if you prefer. Even bullet point some ideas on ‘Post It’ notes if you’re struggling.

Remember that your first draft will probably not be your best nor your final. So be prepared to edit, amend, add, cut and improve.

For those that think “off the cuff”, do a draft video recording of yourself via your phone or other device. You can then rewatch and improve on what needs work. Also, you can get the verbiage in your video transcribed and then edit the written word if that then works for you.

If you need help with writing a speech or want to have a chat about how to improve your current presentation or speaking skills give me a call on 0418 211 738 or leave me a comment below.

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