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Wed 6 Sep 2017

Preparation is Always Key

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Nearly 6 years ago I spoke at my late Dad’s funeral service. I loved my Dad dearly and he instilled “Communication” into me. It was only fitting that my brother and I spoke and did him and our family proud at his service.

Well…I always felt that I would never be able to speak…aka communicate…at my beautiful Mum’s service when the time came, due to our extra special close bond. Sadly, in late July, my loved and loving Mum passed away.

Her service was early August. And I felt I could speak at it again following my brother after his delivery of the Eulogy. Communication and more precisely, Public Speaking, is all about being prepared. And prepared I was! I actually wrote my tribute to Mum, an acrostic poem of her name, whist sitting by her bedside in hospital. I did write it in the present tense as I couldn’t bring myself to write in the past tense whilst Mum was still with us. I then changed it to past tense after Mum’s passing.

Come time for the service, the weather was warm and welcoming, the church was packed, family was united and my public tribute was nearing. I felt calm and relaxed knowing our Mum was at peace and that Dad was ‘on my side’ too!

My brother delivered a wonderful Eulogy then I delivered (communicated/presented) my tribute. I was confident knowing my content and having rehearsed it several times. My pace was measured and my volume was good. At the pulpit, I even managed to play a short 2 minute audio tribute via WhatsApp. This was from my daughter who was overseas.

Albeit a funeral, the event or presentation went off so well. All the ‘speakers’ were prepared and had practiced. At a most emotionally charged time, being ready and prepared cannot be overstated.

RIP Diane Frances Cumming. 

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