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Thu 27 Sep 2018

Public Speaking Tips: Confidence and Communication

Public Relations & Media Services
One of the issues that prevent many of us from getting up and speaking about our business, our product and our services is a lack of Confidence and a clear idea of how to Communicate our passion.

From experience I know that when you Believe in yourself and your message completely and from the heart it gives you the confidence to take that next step. The next step is starting your public speaking journey. The techniques, strategies and experience you gain from that speaking journey are completely transferable to your business and private life.

When you know you can get up and speak to an audience whether 5 or 500, when you know you can introduce yourself at a network meeting or in conversation, when you know you can yes to a media opportunity because you can communicate your ideas and speak with confidence – then you have the confidence to do anything you want to in life or business.

You have the confidence to grab opportunities, to shine a light on your business and to succeed.

Too often we let those little negative voices rule our lives – you know the ones that say you aren’t good enough, who will listen to you, what makes you think you can succeed. Gaining the confidence to step up and speak gives you a platform to say I’m not listening to you. I spoke on a video yesterday and it worked, I introduced myself at a network meeting and it worked, I spoke to my client and it worked. That is the confidence you gain from being an effective speaker.

How well you communicate your message impacts on whether that message is received effectively. Whether you are speaker presenting to an audience, having a conversation at a network meeting, giving instructions to your staff, speaking with a client if you don’t get that communication right is going to impact on your credibility and even on the productivity of your business.

Effective communication requires a balance between intellectual content and emotional connection. It doesn’t need to be equal however it needs both components. Communication needs to be concise, competent and clear. Be clear in your message and communicate it clearly at all levels of your business.

And most importantly, listen. Effective listening skills are an important part of effective communication. Listen to your clients, listen to your audience, listen to your staff and your suppliers. Most importantly listen to your heart and be clear in who you are, what your business is and what your values are.

May you have the confidence to be clear in your communication and share your message with those who need to hear it.

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