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Wed 16 Jan 2019

Public Speaking Tips: Enthusiasm, Expertise and Eyes

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A common mistake for those starting on their public speaking journey is that to be a good speaker you need to be perfect. Not necessarily true.

A common mistake for those starting on their public speaking journey is that to be a good speaker you need to be perfect. Not necessarily true.

Audiences will forgive a speaker many things if that speaker is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing their message. If you approach your speaking with enthusiasm and let your audience see that you are keen to be there speaking with you the audience is going to be prepared to sit back and listen. Your audience is watching you from the time you are introduced, walk up to the speaking area and start to speak. If you give the perception that you are not enthusiastic about being there, let your body language reflect any reluctance then the audience will start thinking – if the speaker doesn’t want to be here why should we? Not something you want to have happen. So cultivate your enthusiasm, let it out and share with your audience.

One of the worries that many speakers have is that they don’t know what to say, they will forget what they are saying, they need to have their notes. Believe in yourself, believe in your experience and expertise. You are an expert in your niche, your business, your message own it. You know your subject – believe it. Relax and share your expertise. Remember you only have to know one thing more than your audience, your clients; not everything.

Eye contact is a vital component in your speaking. You need to make eye contact with your audience. An old English proverb says that the “Eyes are the windows of your soul.” Let your audience and your clients see into your soul. Each time you make eye contact you are saying to that person – you matter, let me share my journey with you. Eye contact also allows you to check are your audience with following your message, do they understand what you are saying or have they gone to sleep or look puzzled. Connect with your audience let me see you and you see them.

Bonus: let’s talk experience.  New speakers often look at other speakers and wonder how do I get to be as good as them. Newsflash – they weren’t born that way, they got be good speakers by experience. Every time they got up to speak they have added to their experience, they polished their presentations, listened to feedback and grown. Open yourself up to opportunities, step up and speak every chance you get; grow into your experience.

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