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Tue 16 Feb 2016

Reasons People Get Worried About Public Speaking

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Remember, speaking is an international business but there are certain tricks of the speaking trade – some definite “Do’s and Don’ts”. As you enhance your global speaking repertoire, you will need to overcome your fears so that your presentation has maximum impact with your audience.

There are a few key reasons why reasons people get worried about public speaking:

– Nerves: people are often nervous, uptight and not relaxed before and during a presentation. Breath… relax… get the butterflies to fly in formation!
– Fear of failure: people tend to stiffen up on stage because they are expected to be an Authority or an Expert and use impressive buzz words. People may also fear question time from the audience.
– Fear of success: as opposed to the previous fear, people may be worried about what happens if they actually are very well received. What happens next and where do they go?
– Not knowing the topic: people may not have fully researched their topic and be unfamiliar with the expected content. Whatever the topic, research it in far more detail than you need. You’ll speak with much more confidence, clarity and conviction if you have full mastery of the subject.
– Lack of preparation: people may not know enough about the venue, facilities, equipment or their audience. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

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Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages.

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