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Thu 11 Mar 2021

Results can be fabricated, detailed explanations not so easily

Advertising & Marketing
Don't just tell people that your clients get great results and share testimonials. Share what you did for them to achieve the result. What exactly did you do differently? What did that look like? Write a Book about it!



Results can easily be fabricated.

So can testimonials.

But, detailed explanations of how you solve problems? Not so easy to make up.

What really does the best job at convincing your audience that you can help them is taking them deep into your thought process for solving problems.

When they’re in there with you, reading your explanations, they can see that you know what you’re talking about in a way that everyone else doesn’t

AND the best way to do that is by writing a Book about exactly that:

Your Expertise!

A Book, planned and written that shows deep down details of your expertise, a book where every chapter starts a conversation with the reader and gives them a chance to get to know you better, cannot be copied by anyone because it shows exactly who you are.

For example, when working with a Nutritionist who wanted to write about how she helps her clients, the first thing that needed to be established for her was exactly who she wanted to attract with her book.

Often people write ‘random’, meaning they do not consider exactly who would want to read their book.

Read the nutritionists full story by CLICKING HERE

A Book, planned and written specifically to show and share your expertise helps develop trust in you and a bond with you.

For example, in writing such a book you start with the book title and then mapping out the chapter headlines.

Each chapter builds your and your clients’ stories in way the reader can identify themselves with your clients, then wanting to become one of those clients, becomes a natural next step from reading your book chapter by chapter.

It can be hard for people who simply start writing, without a plan, without a book title and without mapping out the chapters first, to firstly get finished and secondly, to write the book in a way that builds trust.

Building trust is about getting all the explanations, all the details of how something works.

I’ve described a scenario in this post: CLICK HERE to read

A Book, planned and written to share deep insights in how you provide your service will help the reader decide to want to work with you.

There is a Video, the first one on this page CLICK HERE and hear how to start before you type your very first word.

That video talks about planning your book, and is very useful if you are in the starting and planning stages of your book right now!

So, don’t just tell people that you can help them in whatever your expertise is, write it in a Book and let them decide for themselves that you are the Expert.

They will choose to come and work with you.

If you’d like to figure out EXACTLY how to write such a book, come join my FB Group where I share details most days.

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