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Wed 4 Aug 2021

Should You Set Up Outbound Links For Your SEO?

Digital Technology
Many website owners focus on organising backlinks to their sites as part of their SEO strategy, but forget an easy SEO link building step they could be taking on their websites - including Outbound links.



Should you set up Outbound links for your SEO? 

An Outbound link is simply a link through to another website (really you are giving them a backlink). They can also be known as authority links, as they are often used as a link back to the citation’s source – an authoritative website. This in turn can reinforce your credibility, as high quality sites (like educational or government links) are known to include citations, highlighting your expertise, authority and trustworthy to Google. 

There are best practices such as regularly checking that you don’t have a broken link at https://www.autom8now.com.au/blog/outbound-links. 

Which websites should I link? 

Add outbound links in your blog articles to websites that have relevant, quality content and topics, those that backup your facts, or might include an infographic. 

And don’t forget to link your website to your professional bodies and associations, these work well in your website footer and could be either text or images, and of course marked with a link. That way you are reinforcing your authority and credibility through your associations on every page. 

To get your Women’s Network member ebadge, you can download it by signing in with your member login and in the My Account area go to the Member Ebadge option. There are 2 options that you could download and use on your website (and you can also add these into your email footer). You could then either use the link to the main homepage for Women’s Network or you could link to one of your own guest blogs on the site. Either would work well, but the second could push viewers back to your website as well. 

In summary, here are my top tips: 

1) Link to authoritative sites. 

2) Try to link to at least every couple of blogs. 

3) Don’t overdo your links as you will appear as a spammy site. 

4) Make your links open in another tab, so that they can easily come back to your site. 

Every little bit helps your search engine optimization… Now go download your Women’s Network Ebadge and set up at least one outbound link on your site! 

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