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Wed 6 Dec 2017

Skin Survival Skills For The Silly Season

Health & Wellbeing

Looking forward to sitting back and relaxing during the summer holidays? We all are! Hey, we’ve worked hard this year, so don’t we deserved a spot of relaxation, and even a bit of silliness? 

While we probably do deserve to take a break and get some relaxation time, we can never stop caring about our skin.

Here’s what to bear in mind.

Sunblock – Use sunblock every day, whatever your plans. If you really dislike wearing sunblock, ask your skin advisor for help – with so many to choose from, there’s bound to be a product that you love.

Alcohol – Driving is not the only reason to watch your alcohol, so don’t just think of yourself as designated driver – you can be your own designated skin carer! So that you don’t wake up one morning at the end of summer checking out new wrinkles in your mirror, I suggest drinking one glass of water for each glass of alcohol.

Stop smoking – Smoking limits the flow of blood and therefore nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Smoking causes skin to age earlier than it should.

Eat your greens – Am I sounding like your mother? Well, maybe mother was right. Greens are so good for our gut and our skin, so you have absolute permission to go silly this silly-season on the greens and don’t hold back.

Avoid too much sweetness – This can be a tough ask with so many treats about. Your body and skin will thank you, though, if you avoid too many sweet foods or drinks. As with alcohol, drink a glass of water for every glass of soft drink or juice. Sugary foods and drinks contribute to acne, so people with acne will do better off the beer; wine or spirits might suit you better.

Oops, get sunburnt? – Use a Vitamin C serum, ASAP. It will help your skin deal with the UVs and decrease the damage to skin cells. Oh, and give your skin a good rest in the shade (and out of the wind) for a few days.

 And most of all, have fun…

I think you’ll agree, none of these skin-survival skills will stand in the way of you having fun. So, I wish you a wonderful festive season that will be relaxing and rejuvenating, and everything you hope for.

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