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Thu 6 Apr 2017

The 5 Biggest Twitter Mistakes To Avoid

Business By Social

One of the latest Twitter studies showed that more than 65% of American companies have a Twitter presence. In fact, some of the world’s biggest brands have been using Twitter to market themselves, brands such as Nike, Starbucks and the majority of Fortune 500 companies too. However, the majority of people who use Twitter for business make the following costly Twitter mistakes:

Mistake number 1: Using Twitter as a one-way communication channel

As tempting as it is to only login to Twitter to broadcast a message about your product, your service or your company in general and then logout, Twitter is a social network, and the “social” aspect of it should not be ignored. Instead, engage with your followers by responding to their questions, by acknowledging their tweets through liking them or sharing them.

Mistake number 2: Not being follow-worthy

Usually, too much focus is generally put on acquiring followers instead of customizing and optimizing a Twitter profile, to become “follow-worthy”. In order for a Twitter account to be worthy of people’s attention, it is important to make sure there is a profile picture (either a logo or a headshot of the business owner), as well as a detailed and keyword-rich description of the business and how it benefits people and a custom-made “header” which includes an attention grabbing headline and the target audience enjoying the benefits the business provides.

Mistake number 3: Not using Twitter analytics

Since so many Twitter analytics tools are available for people who use Twitter for business which provide critical information about your followers, and other metrics, it is important to always track the performance of your Twitter marketing efforts. When you do, you’ll be able to cut the cord on what doesn’t work, and double up your efforts on what does. For example, the tool tweriod.com allows you to find out when your followers are the most active and responsive on the platform so you can tweet at these particular times for maximum impact.

Mistake number 4: Using Twitter mass follow tools

Probably one of the biggest Twitter mistakes and among the riskiest ones is practicing Twitter mass follow. Following users aggressively in the hope of getting more followers is frowned upon and can lead to the suspension of your account. Plus, it can make you look desperate too! Instead, follow a few people manually from time to time, and try not to exceed 100 follows a day.

Mistake number 5: Not putting together a strategic plan

One of the keys to Twitter marketing success is having a plan and then executing it, rather than performing actions ad hoc. To increase your chances of success on Twitter, decide on your goal and then put together a strategic plan to ensure that goal is reached.

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