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Mon 5 Feb 2018

The Best Ways To Unwind While On Your Business Trip

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Business trips are often inevitable, and can provide great insights into the market that your company operates in. Having said this though, they can often prove stressful, and leave you feeling deflated and exhausted, which is never good when you have an important business meeting on the horizon. Luckily though, many business trips commence in a location that you’ve never been to before, opening the doors to many opportunities that can make your trip a relaxing one. While packing way in advance alongside ensuring you renew EHIC card are the first steps to ensuring relaxation, we’ve compiled a few other tips to keep you feeling peaceful while on your business trip.

Select A Hotel With Plenty Of Activities

Let’s say that your business trip isn’t too far from home, but far enough that you need to stay in a hotel for the duration of the trip, how do you keep yourself occupied when you’ve already seen this location? Well, we highly suggest that you book a hotel in advance that has an extensive range of different activities on offer. Waiting for business activities while sitting hopelessly in your hotel room is enough to drive your stir crazy, so ensuring that you can keep yourself occupied with hotel activities, whether that be and indoor gym or perhaps even an outdoor tennis court, will give you a refresh and take your mind off of anything that may be bothering you while on your trip.

Take A Trip To The Spa

Fingers crossed, your trip itinerary won’t be jam packed with agendas 24/7, meaning that you’ll have many opportunities to unwind and partake in an activity of your choosing. If you can feel yourself feeling a little tense, or all of that hard-work has left your ears ringing, then a trip to the local spa might be just the thing you need. From massages to a range of sensory rooms, you can allow yourself some time off from the corporate antics and revitalise your brain ready for the next day. Or, if you’re extra organised, you might have booked a hotel with a spa facility, so you don’t even have to stray far from home (or your hotel room at least) in order to relax.

Follow Up With Your Employees

No matter where you are for your business trip, this is a simple step that you can follow, whether overseas or not. When away for a business trip, it can often feel overwhelming to leave your entire business back home without monitoring what’s going on. More often than not, that factor alone can be what causes stress for many while on a business trip, so never hesitate to get in touch with your employees and ask questions about how the business is while you’re away. Hopefully, the news will be all good, but even if there is some negative information being fed back to you, at least you can prepare yourself before heading back to the office as opposed to walking back into total mayhem.

Take A Tour Of The Area

Whether you’re situated in a city near your home, or you’ve been transported to a completely different location, take the time to explore your surroundings! Of course, you can do this in your spare time, however we’d recommend leaving for important meetings or conferences half an hour to an hour earlier than you usually would, as this way you can take a leisurely walk to the location and absorb the unique surroundings around you. Plus, even if you are familiar with the location of your business trip, you never know what hidden gems you’ll find while making a conscious effort to be more observant.

If your business trip is getting you down, there are many ways in which you can lift the pressure off of your shoulders and take the time to unwind. On a business trip, stress is the last emotion you want to be feeling, so take the time to relax and ensure that you look at all prospects with a clear, healthy perspective.

Have you set some time aside to unwind during your next business trip? 

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