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Wed 21 Jul 2021

The Future for Women in the Workforce

Human Resources and Career Advice
COVID-19 has hit women hard, resulting in negative social and economic impacts.

A higher proportion of women lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic than men, and this financial year, women will have to work 59 extra days to earn the same as men. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows stress, unemployment, poor health, and low levels of life satisfaction are significant factors for increased partner violence, with Australians in a perfect storm since the global health crisis began. 


On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner in Australia and almost 10 women a day are hospitalised for assault injuries perpetrated by a spouse or domestic partner.  

Adecco has taken the approach that actions speak louder than words, working at the pointy end of redeployment to assist job seekers in upskilling and securing new employment opportunities, helping reduce unemployment. We have also updated our company domestic violence “no questions asked” 10 days paid annual leave policy to include five free nights temporary accommodation for any employee needing assistance. 

Turmoil following the pandemic has created renewed pressure on companies to build diversity. Failure to do so would be a mistake. To combat the myriad of issues thrown up by COVID-19 requires innovative solutions and creative thought-leadership, which can be found through unique voices, different perspectives, and varied backgrounds. Adecco is committed to gender equity, fair pay, and attracting and retaining top talent and women in leadership. Strategies include succession planning, parental leave frameworks, and flexible working initiatives. Adecco has a proven track record of demonstrating a broad range of jobs that can be done effectively from home or through hybrid working from home and employer premises. 

Now more than ever, women need to empower and support one another to create a powerful force driving change. It is time to reflect and fundamentally rethink organisational strategies to build a sustainable and a brighter future.  

Businesses need to pivot, reshape, and rebound in the wake of the pandemic. Driving diversity and inclusion through active measures has never been more paramount evolving the employment landscape and the future of work for everyone.  

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