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Thu 14 Jan 2016

The Psychology of Selling

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I recently had the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for a Supermarket. Ok… so it was demonstrating and promoting branded Iced Fruit Cake and Fruit Mince Tarts!!

However, I made a conscious effort to make the 2 x 4 hour shifts standing on my feet, near the 4 degree fridge worthwhile.

What I noticed was the following 20 key points, which can be attributable to any business selling goods/products or providing services:

1. The product (or service) was not for everyone | Learning – Not every person needs, or more correctly, wants, your product (even if it’s free!).

2. Not many people walk around with smiles on their face | Learning – If you smile you WILL get noticed.

3. Some people are indecisive | Learning – They need to be educated/guided to purchase.

4. Be detached from the outcome | Learning – Just do what you ‘gotta’ do, with no expectations.

5. Numbers game | Learning – Sales is purely a numbers game, some will and some won’t.

6. Some people came back for seconds | Learning – Create raving fans who love your product and they’ll return.

7. Consumers come in ALL shapes and sizes | Learning – Never pre-judge who will purchase…and health &  wellness is a HUGE industry (pun intended).

8. Some have tried the product before | Learning – Some people need additional exposures/touch points as not everyone buys on the first contact or touch point.

9. International consumers | Learning – The world is your marketplace, use it and reach out.

10. Easy ride | Learning – Some people want something for nothing and won’t work for it.

11. One bought before she tried | Learning – People are looking for products and willing to “buy before they try!”.

12. Meeting place | Learning – Many conversations were held amongst people catching up, connecting them, making them feel good.

13. Young (15 year old male) with excellent customer service | Learning – Age is no excuse.

14. Like attracts like | Learning – Associate with positive, healthy, like-minded people.

15. Specials on show | Learning – If people are made aware and can see what’s on special, they buy!

16. Have a list | Learning – Some people came with a shopping list (the $ are in the list!).

17. A little or a lot…small or big shopping cart | Learning – Every single purchase contributes to a sale and your bottom line.

18. There were top selling items | Learning – Promote the best sellers.

19. Out of Stock | Learning – Some items were TNA – temporarily not available – this happens in all businesses.

20. Allergies | Learning – Some people have allergies, alert them in advance of potential risks

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if anything above resonates with you.

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