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Thu 12 Oct 2017

The Top 3 Marketing Tools to Make Sales Online

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Whether you sell physical or digital products, you’re likely to have a website. Some business owners spend a lot of money on their website and some spend very little, the common mistake both make, is not creating a path to sales by collecting a database.

A sales path works well as part of your online marketing and it’s a lot less costly setting such a path up on your website than anywhere else.

What does a sales path do? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: Know, Like and Trust is the way to get sales. When customers get to know you and like you, they trust you and are in the right mindset to buy from you.

What does it take to create a sales path? You want to be clear on what you sell in the eyes of your customers. Your customers buy the outcome you offer, not usually technical information and your website ‘home’ page wants to be very clear on what you offer.

Here are the Top 3 Marketing Tools to set up your Sales Path:

Tool #1: Sign Up System
To create a database of potential customers you want to display an exciting offer online. You will need a system that will collect contact details and as part of its collection delivers the promised offer. This works for both, digital and physical offers. For example, a free massage voucher can be sent via email.

Tool #2: E-mail Marketing System
Ideally you want to have the email system as part of your sign up system. That way you can create a series of auto-responder emails that are sent out after the initial offer has been delivered. Such a series of emails should be designed to further get to know you, like you and trust you.

Tool #3: Event System
Once you have a potential customer on your database and are sending them information and tips about your product or service, it is a good idea to get them to ‘see’ you face to face. You want to invite them to a physical or online event where they get to ‘see’ you ‘in person’. This will re-enforce trust in you. They ‘see’ and hear you as a ‘real’ person.

So many websites are still set up as online brochures. A lot of information is displayed and no or a very weak call to action is often almost ‘hidden’ amongst the text.

You need a database of customers to market to, this is the way to collect it Online.

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