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Wed 22 Apr 2020

The White Shirt – A Girl’s Best Friend (Part Two)

One of the most important garments for your wardrobe is the crisp white shirt. It’s classic and a fabulous canvas for adding accessories.

It may surprise you to know that you can easily mix ‘n’ match a white shirt with quite a few of the garments already in your wardrobe. It’s an incredibly versatile garment. It’s a MUST have girls!

How to wear your crisp white shirt:

–    with jeans, tied at the waist showing a bit of skin – if you’re feeling a little cheeky! Or worn loose over the jeans to hide that full tummy after lunch.

–    with a black pencil skirt, tucked in and ensure stiff collar is UP for that chic look.

–    with a business pants suit – classic.

–    worn open over a singlet, you can’t beat this look!

–    teamed with white linen pants, what a perfect match for a hot summer.

Ensure your white shirts are washed and ironed and ready to wear at a moment’s notice. When I’m in a hurry and I need to get dressed quickly (a circumstance that I find myself in often), I reach for my crisp white shirt. It NEVER fails me.

Some of you might think that white is too stark for your skin tone. Ladies, this is an opportunity to be creative. Tie a pretty scarf around your neck. This will add contrast and you will feel rather chic. Or add a colourful necklace with matching earrings. Add a gorgeous cuff around your wrist. Complete your look with bold RED lips.

To keep your wardrobe up to date, I recommend that you add a few key pieces from each new fashion season.  And get excited, because your white shirt will easily compliment the new additions to your wardrobe and you will look like you stepped out of a Vogue magazine!

Those of us who are over 50 will remember the Australia fashion icon Maggie Tabberer (or Maggie T as she was known) whose signature colour was white. She was the epitome of elegance in the Australia fashion scene from the 1980s. You will find quite a few images of Maggie wearing flowy linen shirts over loose-fitting pants beautifully complimented with bold jewellery.

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