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Mon 21 Dec 2020

Tips for Starting a Small Business

Business Planning & Strategies
It can be a confusing time when you decide to start a business.

There are so many things to consider – where do you start, what should you be looking at?  

These questions will probably continue over the first few years of your business.  


Here are a few tips to help you start, continue and grow your business: 

Know your market

‘You will hear this all the time from coaches, mentors and marketers.  It still bears thinking about. I believe it is something that is ongoing – you should review your market regularly.  Your business is an evolving entity and so your market may also be an evolving changing entity. In fact the more you niche or even micro niche the better. 

Micro niching allows you the clarity of your message.  When you are clear on your message it allows others to see exactly what you are doing and exactly what they need.  Knowing your niche allows you to know where they play and what language they use – you can be there and use the language that resonates with the clients that you want and who need you. 

Add public speaking to your personal growth

I often get asked: Why public speaking? I don’t want to speak from the stage, I don’t want to be a professional speaker, I don’t want to speak to audiences – these are a few of the responses I hear when I mention public speaking. 

 It’s not about speaking from the stage or to audiences – the power is in the public speaking journey itself – it is the confidence you gain when you get up to speak and it is the strategies and techniques you acquire which are completely transferable to your business or your life. 

Communication underpins everything you do and public speaking is the tip of the communication iceberg.

It impacts on your credibility, your bottom line, your sales and your time. It really is no good having the best product or service if you can’t step up and speak about it – you only have to listen to Shark Tank and some of the pitches to realise how some public speaking skills could have added more power to the pitch.  It is my belief that public speaking is the key to your success. 

I have only mentioned two tips here – there are many more things to consider and plan for in small business today. The key words for me are mentor, plan, flexible, learn, authenticity and review. 

Your challenge is to include one or both of these tips in your business planning. 

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