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Thu 16 Aug 2018

Top 3 Questions to Ask when Preparing your Marketing Offer

Advertising & Marketing
Marketing is about attracting and connecting with your target buyers. That means first of all, to be clear on who your target buyers are. Then you can create a message that attracts them.

Whether you do your own Marketing or work with a Marketing Team, here are the top 3 questions that need to be asked in order to connect with the right buyer and find the message that attracts them.

1.What do they want?

When working with a client who wanted to write a book on gardening, the question was: What do your prospective buyers want to read about gardening? The client was clear that her buyers are people who want to establish edible gardens. Her buyers want short and to the point tips and information on what fruit and vegetables to grow and the most common challenges experienced with growing fruit and vegetables and how to overcome them

2. Why do they want it?

Let’s continue with this client as our example. She was clear that her buyers want this gardening information summarized in one place, a book, because it makes it an easy reference. They won’t need to buy lots of different magazines, watch TV shows or search online. The buyer wants one resource with the most important information on planting, growing and keeping their plants pest free, in one place

3. How can I help them get it?

When this question was posed to the client, she said: I can write my book by answering the most often asked questions. I can write about the most common pests that attack fruit and vegetables and lead the reader to more detail about some aspects of this to my online blog posts

Here is the outcome for that client, having answered above questions:

She began writing her book , entitled ’77 Gardening Questions Answered, if you want to grow Fruit and Vegetables’
She set up the questions in a logical order and answered them short, to the point and offered links to more details online

By being clear on her target buyer she knows what they want and why.  The result of building her marketing with these 3 questions as foundation resulted in a 50% increase in contact emails and new work for her ‘done for you’ gardening service

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