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Tue 7 Feb 2017

Twitter Profile Customization Secrets To Stand Out From The Noise

Business By Social

As important it is to put time and effort into the design of a website or landing page because you have only a few seconds to capture visitor’s attention, it is just as important to put time and effort into your Twitter design to stand out from the noise and attract the right audience.

There are 5 elements Twitter users (and potential leads for your business) will judge you on which you should pay close attention to.

  1. First, most Twitter users will judge you on your Twitter profile picture. Not only should you make sure you have one, it should also be the right size (250 x 250 pixels preferably) or else it can be cut off and should not be pixelated or cropped as it can make you look unprofessional. With Twitter profile pictures, you have two choices. Either have a head shot of you if you are the face of your brand or your logo if you are not the face of your brand.
  2. The second element is your Twitter header. By default, Twitter headers are blue, however you can create your own custom Twitter header by uploading one that is 1500 x 500 pixels. Your custom Twitter header should include your marketing hook, pictures of your target audience experiencing the benefits of your products or services and your website url. To make your own Twitter header, you can use tools such as
  3. The third element Twitter users will judge you on is your username. For it to remain memorable and for it to be user-friendly, it should be short (15 characters or less), keyword rich so you can rank in the search results and easy to spell. For example, should you want to rank for the keyword “fitness” make sure this keyword is included in your username. Alternatively, it could be your full name or your brand name.
  4. The fourth important element are the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the more social proof your business has. Having a minimum of 1,000 Twitter followers is key. In order to increase your audience size, start following people so a percentage of them follow you back, engage with other users to get noticed by interacting with their tweets or mentioning them in yours, publish interesting tweets and use Twitter ads to fast track the process.
  5. The fifth element you’ll be judged on is how active you are on the social network. The more tweets you publish and the more engaging you are, the more likely people will want to connect with you. You can publish as many tweets as you want since tweets have a very short life span but make sure they are of interest to your target audience, educational or entertaining.

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