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Tue 26 Jan 2016

Twitter Tips: What To Post on Twitter For Major Impact

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With 350,000 tweets being posted every minute on Twitter, standing out from all the noise can become challenging. However, once you master Twitter tips such as how to write tweets so they are eye catching and engaging, you will easily unlock all the benefits of using Twitter for marketing.

Tweets are short messages posted on Twitter which cannot exceed 140 characters and which are seen by your followers or anyone looking at your profile.

There are 3 types of tweets: “generic”, “reactive” and “responsive”. Generic tweets usually include business announcements, such as a new offer and a new blog post and can usually be scheduled in advance. Reactive tweets are posts that include commentary on industry announcements. And lastly, responsive tweets are conversational ones, such as answers to questions.

So, when putting together a content plan for your Twitter profile and you are wondering what to post on Twitter, it should be a balance of all three types of tweets: generic, reactive and responsive.

Secondly, tweets should always reflect the brand’s voice, which expresses both the business’s values and personality. Companies which compose tweets that are clever, witty or even funny tend to attract a larger, more engaged audience.

Certain use of keywords in tweets also play a major part when it comes to engagement. Tweets which include keywords such as “success”, “productivity”, “giveaway” and “happiness” tend to be shared the most compared to other tweets which don’t include them. Therefore, when thinking of things to post on Twitter, remember to share topics and stories which include the keywords above.

In addition, when putting together ideas on things to post on twitter, remember that visual tweets outperform text-based ones. Therefore, when composing a tweet, including a unique image will make your content stand out.

In a recent survey where Twitter users were asked why they follow brands, 52% stated their willingness to be notified of special offers. Therefore, including in your content plan, tweets about promotions exclusive to Twitter followers will foster loyal following.

Timing should also be taken into account when learning how to write tweets. A good habit to adopt as a business, is to always check the “trending topics” to ensure that if major conversations are happening on Twitter on a certain topic, your content is not considered “off topic”. For example, brands such as American Airlines published the tweet “We’re on board. Diversity strengthens us all & today we celebrate #marriageEquality” when a Supreme Court ruling legalised same-sex marriage across the US.

Lastly, to increase the chances of a tweet having more impact, tools such as tweriod.com are very handy. Tweriod.com is a free app that allows you to see at what times your followers are the most active, and therefore, what times are best to publish your content.

By implementing these simple Twitter techniques you’ll be sure to engage your target audience and build your business brand. 

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