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Tue 16 Aug 2016

Use a Chat Application to Sell Your Goods in China

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The internet in its early stages was used mostly just by computer experts in certain rarified circles and the military.  The computer wasn’t as personal as it is today.  They were highly sophisticated pieces of hardware that were kept in the cold dark basements of large organizations.  Many things that we use today were initially meant for other purposes.

In China, there’s a chat application that is finding a new use.  The same messaging application you use to send photos, jokes, emoticons, and GIF’s to your friends and acquaintances, is now a vessel for e-commerce.

WeChat is a popular chat application that has around 500 million users in China.  Over 90% of China’s smartphone users have the app.  Statistics from as late as 2015 show that more than half of WeChat users check their accounts over 10 times a day.  There are now 8 million branded accounts promoting their products through WeChat.

This new channel for promoting products is open to all companies who wish to sell their goods in China.  This includes Australian businesses who want to save time and money in introducing their products to the Chinese market – a consumer market that is now second largest in the world.

Just imagine a market the size of China which is now looking for more than just mineral resources to build their cities, highways and bridges.  AUSTRADE or the Australian Trade and Investment Commission has come up with a short list of industries that can benefit from China’s diversifying economy.  They are in agriculture, manufactured exports, services, investments, resources and energy.

I have come up with a more specific list of areas where there are trade and investment opportunities with China. 

They are:

* Food and beverages
* Wines
* Consumer products (personal care, fashion)
* Agribusiness
* Aged care
* Automotive products
* Biotechnology
* Environment and water management
* Financial services
* Infrastructure and construction
* Mining
* Sustainable Urban Development

Just imagine selling Australian products with the ease and efficiency of a chat application.  Add to this, a China that is now interested in more than just mineral resources from Aussie companies.  Don’t forget too that with the full implementation of CHAFTA or the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, tariffs are set to go down for Australian goods going into China. 

Opportunity has never been as good as it is now for Australian businesses to start doing business with China.

*These are the industries I have seen many Australian businesses get into with China.

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