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Mon 27 Jul 2020

Visualisation Is Common In Sport, But What About In Your Business?

Business Planning & Strategies
In a constantly changing landscape, using guided imagery to create a vision of what you want will help you, your business, and your company reach desired goals.

In a nutshell, the science behind visualisation tells us that the reason it works so well is that your mental rehearsal of a task has the same effect as physically performing the task (i.e. the same neural connections and pathways fire up whether you’re actually doing the task or just visualising yourself doing the task). Your mind starts creating a pattern or mental script for the task with regular visualisation, and this script kicks into play when you next go out to actually do the task. 

 When you imagine yourself being successful and engage your emotions, you create a neuro-network (a network of brain cells) of that image in your mind. The energy of the images you create causes your body to vibrate at a cellular level Dr Joe Dispenza .

 Frequently visualising this scene impresses the image onto your subconscious. Your brain starts looking for things in the physical world that match these images… so become automatically attracted to the right opportunities when they come your way.  Think about when you are looking at a new car. You start to see that car everywhere on the roads. You have become more aware of them  

 Business image – Where are you? 

Small or large groups that come together as a team in a corporation or other organisation and then perform effectively do so because they do not compete – they create.  

 Teams operate with an image the same way individuals or organisations do. When a team chooses to improve their performance they must collectively work at improving the image of each team member thereby improving the team image. This can be done through visualisation.  

 Fast moving, powerful, profitable organisations understand that people work better together. They encourage and educate people to be effective team members. Not only does the organisation win, so does every individual in the organisation. Individuals grow when they have the support of other team members. 

 When a team operates in a spirit of harmony toward the same objective, you have one of the most powerful forces at work. It is not uncommon to see a team in sport that has no super starters, yet they will win the game nevertheless. That is because each member of the team is operating with the same effective image of what they WANT and BELIEVE they can accomplish.  

 Think about your impact as an individual, as a member of a team, and then what you can really create and contribute to the organisation .

 Follow these steps: 

 1. Create a detailed vision of what you want to achieve

See, hear and feel what you want to happen in all its detail. See it as a picture on the screen of your mind. Envision the end results as well as the steps along the way i.e. a simple example is seeing yourself with the result of a sale. The steps along the way may have included making the phone call, meeting in person, giving a presentation, and signing contracts. Visualise each of these steps with the desired outcome  

 2. Let go of obstacles – Think win-win

Come from the place of working in harmony with those around you and visualising what this looks and feels like. Guard your thoughts against the doubt’s worry’s and fears. Believe that what you want is possible.   

 3. Listen and pay attention

Focus your attention on what you want. Look for the opportunities and possibilities. Take action in alignment with the results that you desire.  

 So, see yourself getting more successful personally and in your business. 

Mark Twain said, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”  

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