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Wed 26 Jul 2017

Website or Landing Page? What Works Better For Your Marketing?

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If you think this is a trick question – you are correct! You want to make every page on your Website a Landing Page and here is why:

A landing page is actually a webpage your visitors land on after being directed there by an ad, link, or email. You want to make sure each landing page you create serves a specific purpose.

For example, one business can employ a landing page to grow their list with an offer to download a free eBook in return for an email address while another uses a landing page to sign up attendees for a webinar. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to landing pages, and they can be used in many different and effective ways.

Landing pages share this goal: converting prospects into customers. You can accomplish that goal by making sure your landing page has the following seven components:

1.Headline – Grab Attention Immediately

A headline that immediately catches the eyes of your audience and makes prospects want to continue reading is most important. Think of news headlines, often only half a sentence, they invite with curiosity. Model your landing page headlines on that idea

2.Sub-headline – support the headline in more detail

Like your headline, the subtitle should be clear, catchy and relevant. You want to appeal to the emotions of your readers and focus on the benefits your product, or services offer. No descriptions, benefits! Keep it clear and simple so your audience can immediately identify the advantages that you offer over your competitors.

3. Make it Visual

Visual content, such as pictures, videos, and infographics has long been used by marketers to grab attention, quickly convey information, make content shareable, and generally stand out

4.Offer Incentives to take immediate action

The incentive offered should influence a prospect to take immediate action by clearly mentioning what they’ll miss out on if they don’t opt in.

5.Social proof

Use photos and videos of clients using your product or service, testimonials, regular updates of client experiences also works well.

6.Offer Benefits

This seems one of the hardest things for business owners to put into words. Most websites and landing pages use descriptions of the product or service. We all buy on emotion, use the outcomes your products or services offer not what they are and how they work

7.Make your Contact information Visible

Incredibly, many sites and pages do not show this. It might say contact us today or phone us but then there is the detail of how to missing!

Landing pages need to be an essential part of your marketing strategy because they can help you obtain more leads to nurture and convert. In order to produce a high-converting landing page, you must make sure it is specific to a target audience and contains answers to their most pressing questions that you, your product or service, can offer

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