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Thu 21 Jul 2022

What to wear in Dubai in Summer? Practical clothing tips for tourists

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More Australians are holidaying in Dubai. No longer a stop-over but a destination itself, Dubai is a truly global city. When planning a vacation to Dubai, many people wonder what clothes to take and what can be worn in this emirate. Is it appropriate to take a headscarf and is possible to pack a bikini as well as short dresses?

Culturally-appropriate and comfortable clothing options should be considered by both men and women. Since you are going to go to a Muslim country, it is worth understanding this issue in advance so that you can focus on what you plan to see rather than how others might see you.

In reality, this is not such a big problem, since the city has a huge number of shopping centers where you can always stroll through fashion stores and renew your wardrobe. For ease of movement, Renty car rental offers a varied selection of cars for rent from economical to powerful sports cars. That being said, don’t worry about the price as this car rental offers reasonable car rental rates as well as a high-quality level of service.

Practical advice for first-time tourists

Visitors from around the world both live and come to rest in the city of Dubai. That is why walking along the streets, you will notice people dressed in a variety of styles, from short skirts to the burka.

However, do not forget that you are a tourist, and every tourist must respect local traditions and customs. That is why, if you want to be sure what you should pack, then read on.

Visiting hotels, cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers

In general, the biggest request to visiting tourists is to dress modestly so that revealing clothing does not attract attention. However, when you visit various establishments, you will notice people dressed in a variety of clothes and this does not cause any discontent.

If you visit exclusively tourist areas, where the number of locals is minimal, then you can wear whatever you want.

However, if you want to have lunch or dinner at one of the high-range restaurants, then you should familiarise yourself with their requirements. Many of them indicate that males should come in pants or trousers, as well as closed shoes. The requirements for women may be less stringent as females are allowed to wear sandals.

Everyone is used to the fact that on vacation, you can go to cafes and restaurants in beachwear. However, here it is assumed that beachwear is intended exclusively for relaxing on the beach.

Visiting beaches, swimming pools, and water parks

On the beaches, you can swim and sunbathe wearing whatever you like. Under no circumstances should you sunbathe or swim topless.

In addition, do not forget that most people come here to relax with their families and therefore any obscene behavior will attract the attention of the police.

Visiting mosques and the old part of the city

You will want to make a trip to the old part of the city, filled with historical sites, mosques and traditional markets, where you can buy clothes and other goods from local merchants. Here you will meet many locals who practice Islam.

This is no longer a tourist area, so you should not show up here in skimpy outfits or bikinis. Because it can be sweltering outside, you’ll be tempted to wear as little as possible. However, in order not to run into judgmental looks, consider wearing lightweight, flowing fabrics to cover your arms and legs.

Set aside your shorts and tank tops for lounging around the hotel. When visiting the old city, it is best to choose clothes with long sleeves, as well as cotton pants or long skirts.

When visiting mosques, do not forget that these are sacred places. Here you will be condemned for revealing clothes. Girls should wear headscarves. In extreme cases, the mosques will provide you with the right clothes.


When going on vacation to one of the most prosperous emirates of the UAE, you should not worry too much about clothes. In tourist areas, you can dress as you please. When visiting historic districts, opt for more modest clothing that covers arms and legs.

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