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Mon 29 Feb 2016

What’s Your Word of the Year?

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For the past 5 years I have chosen a Word of the Year* as my compass for the forthcoming year. And it’s a strategy that really works.

You don’t have to choose a Word of the Year at the beginning of the year – you can start any time – but it does help and it sure beats meaningless New Year’s resolutions that barely last the 31 days of January.

Your Word of the Year should act as your guide, your touchstone, your talisman. It is a word that inspires you and gives perspective to each and every action and opportunity. It should give you clarity and perspective.

Above all, it should be a word that is your intention of how you want to BE for the year. Provided you have chosen a word that is authentic to you, it in turn inspires all of your actions and decisions. If it is truly meaningful to you it will align with your Soul Goals and will make your heart sing. It will energise and uplift you. Ultimately it will transform you.

This inspiration is so much more powerful than any resolution which is invariably supported by guilt and expectation (“I must…, I should…”)

Here are some examples of a Word of the Year:

  • Adventure
  • Grace
  • Focus
  • Peace
  • Fun
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  • Forgiveness
  • Health
  • Kindness
  • Action
  • Clarity
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Expansion

Of course there are so many more you can choose from. The secret is to make it your desired state of being for the year.

Give it a try – it really does work. And if you are brave enough, put your word into the comments so we can all be inspired. (*I first heard about the concept from Christine Kane.)

Share below what you have decided on as your ‘Word of the Year’ for 2016.

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