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Wed 14 Mar 2018

Why You Need To Become Marketing Opportunity Focused

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Are you looking for different outcomes with your Marketing?

You might be chasing new ideas presented to you that sound great however, when you apply those Marketing Tips and Ideas you’re not achieving the outcome you were looking for.

Major breakthroughs come from the correct mindset, from within. It’s an attitude – an opportunistic attitude. People who make breakthroughs are always opportunity focused.

In 1972 a young man worked as a page in US Congress. That year the Democratic convention nominated George McGovern to run for President against Richard Nixon. During the convention, Senator McGovern dumped his first choice vice-presidential running mate, Senator Eagleton. The young, 16-year-old entrepreneur saw a one-time opportunity and bought up 5,000 suddenly obsolete McGovem-Eagleton buttons and bumper stickers. He paid five cents a piece for them. He soon resold them as historical and rare political memorabilia for as much as $25 per item.

This is an excellent example of an ethically opportunistic mindset.

True, the young man’s one time windfall profit did not result in a major industry breakthrough. But what is important is that he had the opportunity focused attitude that is needed to see an opportunity where no one else did.

That young man, by the way, was Bill Gates.

To create major breakthroughs you don’t have to pay others for their ideas or engage Marketing Firms, neither do you need do be the intellectual equal of Bill Gates.

Most major breakthroughs are a result of looking at things already in existence, look around you and look with common sense and a degree of open-mindedness.

Most of all, the ability to take action on what you see!

Major breakthroughs for your businesses are merely fresh new ways to do something.

And new can mean new to your industry, market, competitor, or clients; not necessarily new to the world.

  • Applying old things in new ways is a breakthrough.
  • Applying new things in new ways is a breakthrough.
  • Applying old things in new combinations is a breakthrough.
  • Applying new things to new markets, or old things to old markets can be a breakthrough, too.

Consider Domino’s Pizza.

When Domino’s started, home deliveries had become almost obsolete because the service was not dependable. But they figured out a workable system – reintroduced an updated version and a billion-dollar breakthrough was reborn.

You must constantly be on the “lookout” for new and better ways to dramatically improve your overall marketing performance by capitalising on what everyone else sees as a limitation.

Stretch yourself and start examining subjects, industries and markets you’ve never been interested in before.


Because you’ll get fresh new perspectives, ideas, and insights into segments of the buying market you’ve never thought about before.

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