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Fri 11 Jun 2021

Writing A Book – It’s Not A Matter Of Time

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Are you keeping an eye on your time and are wondering how much time you need to write a book and not knowing that has held you back from starting to write? …then here is the answer: It’s not a matter of time, it is a matter of planning and here is why:

Often people would love to write a book, but are held back by the belief it takes up a lot of their time!

Stay with me, there is a LOT to say:

I’ve had some people say things like: ‘I run three businesses, have two children and am involved in charity work, I’m really not sure that I have time to write my book right now!’

They continue with: “I would love to write a book and I know it would be so great to have a book that serves my clients, but the thought of finding the time to write, I just don’t know I can do that, maybe later in the year.’

(…and they said the same at the start of last year, and possibly even the year before!)

Don’t let time fly by, because writing your book is NOT a matter of time, it is a matter of planning!

If you are one of those super ‘busy’ people who are involved in so many different things and run successful businesses, you already know how to plan.

You’d plan the time you need for and with your children and family. You’d know exactly when to pick up your children from school or kindy and where to take them for the afternoon!

And if it’s not the family, that need your time and attention, it might be your clients. And you’d know when your appointments are with whom and what you’re going to talk about.

Writing a book for your business, a book that serves your clients, shares your expertise and lets people get to know and trust you takes planning and the time to write planned in.

Here is what I mean:

When people think about writing a book and they simply start writing, often they go looking for information about how to write a book.

Most of that information says: set yourself a schedule and write a few pages a day.

That is the fastest way to run out of ideas of what you’re writing about and motivation to keep going.

If you want to write a book and think your time is limited and that’s why you have not started writing or maybe you have started and got stuck because of time restrictions, here is your blind spot about writing a book:

You’ve already got a ton of things on the go, you’re running one or more businesses and you are efficient and successful, all you need to do, is transfer that the efficiency of the writing process, and that is exactly what I do with my clients.

It all starts with knowing what you want to achieve with your book. What outcome do you have in mind for writing that book?

This is the most ‘hidden’ part for people wanting to write a book. This is where they go into ‘blind’ simply starting to write and run out of ‘steam’ because they did not think through what they want to achieve with the book.

A typical writing schedule for my clients looks like this:

  • Initial one on one planning session = 90min
  • Weekly set up and guidance session = 90min – for 6 Weeks
  • Weekly time for writing, publishing and marketing preparation (in your own time) = 2-4 hours

Look out for more of my posts, also in the WNA FB Group or PM me directly, if you’d like my help.

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