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Fri 11 Feb 2022

Your Unconscious Blueprints Are Your Answer (An introduction)

Health & Wellbeing
If you have questions about your relationship issues at home, at work or with yourself, then your answers can be found by uncovering, exploring and optimizing your unconscious blueprints.

Put simply, your Unconscious Blueprint(TM) is your internal image programming your behaviour. Like any programme, it needs updating regularly to ensure you perform at your optimum level.

If you’ve regularly looked after yourself, physically, emotionally and psychologically over the years, continuing to learn and grow, then chances are your unconscious blueprint is an empowering one. It assists you to move forward, making wise decisions with courage and compassion, in all areas of your life.

If, on the other hand, you know you’re still carrying some ‘head-trash’ from the past, with memories and people able to easily trigger anger, hurt or guilt, leaving you anxious or depressed.  If you struggle with feeling “grown-up”, lack confidence, self-esteem or tend to be reckless to your regret, then you may have a disempowering unconscious blueprint.  For example, you may be operating on your 6 or 14-year-old programming, instead of version 40 year old.  Or perhaps the program is the correct age, but over time part of it has corroded or been weathered to the point it affects the whole picture.  Your internal image looks like an overweight anxious 45 year old instead of a healthy confident one.

Your internal image is reflected in the external, whether in appearance or behaviour. You need to discover the current programming and update it before you can easily function at the level you’d love to. Confident and healthy with positive self-esteem and resilience. Fortunately, it can easily be reprogrammed once you’ve identified what precisely needs to change.

You also have unconscious blueprints™ of others, either empowering or disempowering them or you. Think about who you are intimidated by, or are dismissive of.  You are disempowering yourself if you are intimidated by others, and disempowering them while empowering yourself, in an unhealthy way, if you are dismissive.  Neither supports your growth to be the best you possible.  It shows up in how you treat your children, the level of passion in your relationship, and workplace dynamics, so keep an eye out for the next blog posts in this series as I explore those issues more in-depth.

If you’d like a quick way to change, refer to my book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”, available in print, ebook and audiobook.  Or you may book a complimentary Zoom chat via my website, www.SueLester.com 

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