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Thu 11 Jun 2020

5 Ways English Schools Survive the Pandemic

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The impact of global coronavirus infection has hit the world so hard. As a result, governments have come with several measures and regulations to avoid further infections.

For instance, there are rules to limit gatherings, prevent physical contact, and practice self-distancing.


These measures have interrupted activities in many learning institutions. The end of this pandemic is unpredictable. So, owners and leaders of English language schools and other institutions should consider different approaches to limit the impacts.

If you are part of any private English school management team, you already understand the losses that come with any alterations in learning activities. Stopping all the activities translates into losses. Hence, to help students and avoid losses in the pandemic, you do not need to stop the school activities. Here are several strategies suggested by EFL learning Centre, a language school in Chaing Mai that you can apply to ensure your school remains active amid the crisis.

Start Online Courses

Nowadays, technology is taking over almost every sector. Many institutions have switched to online business operations. You can take this opportunity to start or (if you are already on) streamline your online lessons. What you need is to develop detailed and fascinating classes that students will love. You can include technology experts to build outstanding online courses that attract both your current students and new ones.

Collaborate with all your tutors to offer all their lessons online, and you can have experts assist them where needed. That way, you will maintain the current students and keep them engaged without losing focus. Remember, students are your biggest clients!

Switch to Digital Marketing

Going digital allows you to keep your students while at home and simultaneously promote and market your English language School. There are many tools online that your team can adopt to digitize your English school. For instance, your English tutors can adopt a strategy of using free tools like Zoom to offer video or YouTube lessons. People love videos. If done well, it can take your school to another level.

YouTube channels can have more followers, and these followers can become registered students over time. You can also hire an expert digital marketer to assist you if needed. Necessary Messenger Live video lessons are excellent in online marketing, and you should consider investing in it. Alternatively, you can opt for pre-recorded ones or even design text-based content or voice clips. There is much more to offer over the internet.

Connect with Students

It is crucial to keep your school connected to existing students during these hard times. If you don’t have social media pages for your school, you should consider initiation them. Update the students all the plans you have and encourage them to stay healthy. An expert social media business booster is worth employing to keep the students and prospective students updated.

Offering Discounts

The pandemic has made life difficult. Some of your students have probably lost their jobs. People have redesigned their budgets to focus strictly on the basics. Some students may wish to hold their classes for a while to narrow their budget to other things. To keep the service within budget, you can provide discounts on the courses. People love paying for less, even 10% off can do wonders. You can’t convince all the students, but you can at least some of them will be confident.

Learn from the experience

This sounds like advice more than a strategy, but it is vital. Many people like to complain and blame themselves in difficult times. But there is no good in complaining or accusing anyone. Instead, relax and learn from the experience. Think about what you would do differently when the difficulty is gone. Focus on possible changes in your goals and create new strategies to achieve after the pandemic.

Nothing will make your school 100% pandemic-proof. Applying these strategies ensures that your English language school endures hard times and perhaps even earn returns from them.

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