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Tue 27 Jul 2021

SD-WAN Solutions | Why Businesses Switch to SD-WAN

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A new type of WAN is coming to the forefront as it becomes more ubiquitous. SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, has been developed in response to the need for a better way to connect and manage networks.



SD-WAN network solutions offer significant advantages over traditional networks that will not only save money but offer increased security and scalability. Read on for some insights into this technology and how it can benefit your business!

How Does an SD-WAN Work?

There are a few different ways that SD-WAN network solutions work, but the most popular version of it is an overlay. In this model, there’s still a physical WAN infrastructure in place: you have some type of router or other device connecting your headquarters with your branch offices. But all traffic from one office to another goes through the SD-WAN.

In this way, the SD-WAN can be used to prioritize traffic for different departments or applications from one site to another, depending on what’s needed as a priority and when it needs it. This is why we often call these “fit-for-purpose” networks: they’re designed specifically with your business in mind and can be changed on the fly to meet your needs.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) is a new term that has entered into the vocabulary of networking. But what does it mean? In reality, SD-WAN should be referred to as a “network” and not a “wan”. Instead of connecting networks together around the world, SD-WAN connects networks to users and services. In an age of digital transformation, the way that service providers can best serve their customers is by leveraging the optimization services that SDWAN provides. SD-WAN leverages elastic networks allow organizations to enjoy all the desired benefits of services such as high performance, cost reduction, and versatility. The technology enables the creation of multiple connections between any points on the globe using a cloud network without needing to set up virtual private networks (VPNs).

The Benefits of SD-WAN | Why Businesses Switch: Cost Savings!

The primary reason that businesses switch from a traditional WAN architecture is cost savings, or more accurately ROI (returns on investment). A survey of 100 companies revealed an average saving of 75% in their SD-WAN solution by leveraging the elasticity in SD-WAN. It’s easy to see how this translates into huge savings for businesses of all sizes! SD-WAN provides increased bandwidth and flexibility, which are two key advantages that traditional networks don’t have. Availability is also increased, which is another important factor that differentiates SD-WAN from traditional WANs.


It is clear from this article that more and more businesses are adopting SD-WAN technology. With the many benefits of using an SD-WAN solution, it’s easy to see why so many companies have made the switch. The benefits of using an SD-WAN solution are that it’s cost-effective, convenient, and more secure than traditional WAN solutions. There is much less downtime with the convenience of being able to connect from anywhere in the world. All in all, SD-WAN is a great technology choice for any company looking to save money and increase security. If you’re looking for lower costs while still maintaining high performance and flexibility, SD-WAN could be the right solution for your business!

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